Welcome to the Embracing Health Membership Club!

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining the Embracing Health Membership Club! Let me tell you a bit more about it in this short video – or if you’re ready to join now, simply Register Below by scrolling to the bottom of this page and choosing a Membership Level!

Over the past two years the Membership Club has been growing and evolving to develop into the quality subscription service it is today: A 16 module course designed especially for women, offering a wealth of educational, practical and inspiring information, committed to helping you stay on the path to health. (That’s not to say men won’t benefit from the information too!).

Almost like a naturopathic home study course where there are no exams; each month the module is themed around a common health issue or disorder that many women are suffering from – problems such as weight gain, fatigue, stress, menopausal symptoms and hormonal difficulties – all of which can create havoc in our busy lives.

Each module addresses one specific topic and brings together information from a variety of expert sources to cover that subject in depth; creating an awakening of awareness which empowers you with knowledge about your health, hormones and happiness, leading to powerful shifts in your life as you take greater control over your own health.

Each month the 8-10 page Embracing Health Membership Magazine brings you a comprehensive feature article, book review, raw vegan gourmet recipe, patient case study, links, Q & A and much more, all related to different aspects of the topic at hand to guide you to a greater depth of understanding.

There is no need to spend hours of time reading the latest books, medical releases and health journals – I do the searching for you, utilising my years of experience to sift through the mountains of available knowledge on complex health issues, which I bring to you in each module in easy to understand language with suggestions and remedies for healing.

The magazine is beautifully styled and presented, ready for you to print out and collect as you put together a library of valuable information that you will refer to time and time again over the years.

The accompanying audio interview each month takes our investigation into the topic even further, bringing you enlightening, entertaining and passionate discussions with health experts from around the globe. Download these interviews to your computer for listening at home or on your iPod. Each interview is a veritable treasure trove of wisdom you will want to listen to over and over again as your build your Embracing Health Audio Library. Transcripts of the audio interviews are also provided.

This Membership is for You…

As women we are not taught to trust our bodies, to flow with the natural rhythms of our cycles and the nature of our intuitive path in life. We can often feel like our body is our enemy – we judge, we criticise, we diet, we worry and we view our hormonal shifts and imbalances as if they were diseases we need to fix – often with drugs, surgery and bucket-loads of anti-depressants!

Yet there is another way to find wholeness, vitality and vibrant health. Being a valued member of the Embracing Health Membership Club is a way of ensuring that each month there is an hour or two where you come first, where you feel nurtured, inspired and supported, where you are reminded to look after number one, where you take some time out to read, to listen, and to be informed about issues that can literally change your life.

It is with great delight that I invite you to become a member, and enjoy the regular modules of first-rate information you receive each month, which will be teaching you things that you were never taught in school, or by your doctor, and quite often not even by your naturopath – about food, hormones, health, emotional balance and living the best life you possibly can.

With permanent members discounts to the Embracing Life! Six & Eight Day Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreats, special members prices for Saliva Hormone Testing and Comprehensive Stool Analysis, and periodic special offers and bonuses, the value you receive by being a member far outweighs the minimal subscription fee.

As an exclusive member you will receive:

Monthly Issues of the Membership Magazine – a beautifully presented, comprehensive and entertaining monthly online magazine. Ranging in content from in-depth articles on specific health issues, interviews with leaders in the wellness industry, revealing the truth behind different health fads and regimes; and detailed advice on improving both your physical and emotional well-being – the Membership Magazine informs, guides and supports you in an easy to read format.

Monthly Audio Interviews – with expert leaders in the health industry. Each month you receive an audio interview to download which is relevant to the health topic in the magazine, providing a forum for delving deeper in to the issue and hearing from passionate and informed advocates of natural health and healing. Members access the audio for listening to on their computer or saving to their iPOD or burning to CD.

Permanent Members Discount on the Embracing Life! Six & Eight Day Detox, Healing and Raw Food Retreats. Every member receives in their first membership module, a coupon code for a permanent $200 off any full priced place at an Embracing Life! Retreat. I have put aside four places for members at each retreat, and bookings are taken on a first come, first serve basis. You are welcome to attend more than one retreat a year using your coupon if places are available.

Permanent Members Discount on Saliva Hormone Testing and Comprehensive Stool Analysis - All members in their second membership module will receive a coupon code to be used for a permanent $50 off Saliva Hormone Testing or Digestive Health Analysis Testing. One of my specialities is analysing functional pathology test results such as saliva hormone or stool analysis, and developing protocols for natural healing to correct any imbalances. This includes a 20-25 page report analysing the results and detailing strategies for regaining your health.

Access to the Members Only Forum. Coming Soon! This will be a great place to interact with like-minded people and share thoughts, opinions and findings; discuss health concerns; post recipes and ideas, and ask for specific help on any health issues. I will be participating regularly in the forum so you will always have access to me, and I will be happy to answer questions and join in discussions with the members.

Discounts on other products and services, special offers, and great deals on health and related products and courses at different times, will be available to Embracing Health Club Members.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of what you will receive, the next step is to Register Below to become a member.

Please note:

  1. You don’t have to have a Paypal Account to join, you can use a Credit Card or Direct Debit with this facility.
  2. Please make sure you check your e-mail inbox after your payment has been processed. There will be two e-mails containing links that you need to click on – one will take you to the Embracing Health Registration Page where you then set up your Membership Username and Password. The other will ensure you are on the Membership e-mail list. You will not be able to access the Membership Club without this!

Complete Membership - Discounted to $397 incl GST

Payment for the full membership of 16 modules in one go – for a discount of $88.00!

Monthly Subscription – Only $39 incl GST

Initial payment of $39 and then fourteen monthly payments of$39 for the full 16 modules

Discounted Quarterly Subscription – Only $97 incl GST

Initial payment of $97 and then four quarterly payments of $97 for the full 16 modules

I look forward to welcoming you to my Embracing Health Club and having you join me on this journey where we learn and explore health, happiness and living an outstanding life!