Membership Module 02

Membership Module 02 – Oestrogen Overload!

Welcome to the second module of the Embracing Health Membership Club. This month we discuss hormonal health, and look at conditions such as oestrogen dominance, how to keep your hormones healthy and how to prevent the more serious conditions that can develop from imbalances in this area. This applies to both men and women, as surprisingly, men can be oestrogen dominant too! There’s an abundance of information in this module  for you to explore and enjoy, so I hope you get a lot out of it!

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Embracing Health Membership Mag!

Embracing Health publishes a magazine each month exclusively for you and this membership site, and the magazines always contains an in-depth article which explores an important health topic in a way that gives you the facts in a simple but effective style of writing.

Along with the main article, the magazine contains a raw vegan recipe that I have made and enjoyed in my own kitchen; a book review; a case history to give you insight into different healing programs, and a question and answer section. The magazines are beautifully designed and can be printed out and saved in your Membership Club Folder for future reference and easy access to all the information and recipes.

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Module 02 Membership Magazine 


Tele-seminars, interviews and lectures:

Dr. Sherrill Sellman Interview -
Healing Our Hormones

Dr. Sherrill Sellman’s career has taken her around the world with a strong message for women. “Women must realize that their natural functions are being medicalized and pathologized for profit.”

“Steroid hormones in the form of the pill and hormone replacement therapy are dangerous drugs with many risks and side-effects. It is time for women to take responsibility for their health, because their health is big business and no one else will do it for them!”

Her books; “Hormonal Heresy” and “What Women Must Know to Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer“; and lectures around the world, have brought shocking facts to women. Globally, women are responding with applause and grateful appreciation.

I was privileged to spend nearly two hours discussing the topic of hormonal health with the delightful Dr. Sherrill Sellman – and let me tell you, this lady knows what she is talking about – this interview is dynamite! Absolutely essential listening for women from puberty to menopause, she enlightens, entertains and gives us a priceless message on reclaiming our health.

Below is a link for the two-part interview that you must save to your computer to be able to listen to it. Right click on the link and “Save As” or “Save Target As” and you will be able to play it through your computers audio system. Audio running times are 52 & 55 minutes.

Healing Our Hormones – Part 1

Healing Our Hormones – Part 2

While Dr. Sherril Sellman was in Australia, Channel 9 news picked up the story, I’ve included the video below for you to have a look at.


Interview Transcript:

Dr. Sherrill Sellman Interview:
Healing Our Hormones

Listening to the interview is a great way to absorb the information, but if you prefer to read rather than listen – below you will find a detailed 44 page transcript of the entire interview!


Healing Our Hormones – Interview Transcript



Top 5 Supplements for Hormonal Health

There are some wonderful foods and herbs which can help to balance hormones and support good hormonal health and function. In this short video I discuss my top 5 supplements for hormonal health, that you can easily incorporate into your diet!


Saliva Hormone Testing – a look at one person’s results:

To take you a step further into the detailed information examined in a Saliva Hormone Test, in the presentation below I take you through the results of one of these tests from a very real patient.  In this slide show, I detail the case – what the lady was suffering from; why I chose to do a saliva test with her; what the results indicated in the test; and what I did to correct the imbalances.

I’m sure you will be surprised by the depth of information revealed in one of these simple tests, and in this presentation I take you through the parameters one by one and explain what they mean in general, and then in detail for this patient.

If you have been thinking about having this test done and were wondering whether it was for you - this presentation will show you what it is all about.  And for everyone else, this presentation is a valuable resource about hormones, which will add another level of knowledge to the comprehensive information you have already received in this module.

Press play on the video below, and as an addition to the video – you may want to open a PDF copy of the test and either print it out or have it open on your screen so that you can read it clearly as I go through the results one by one.  It’s a fascinating journey, so make a cuppa and take the time to learn something brand new!

Saliva Hormone Test Results (print this & have it handy while you are watching the video!)


Saliva Hormone Testing:

Bonus Offer!
Permanent $50 Discount on Saliva Hormone Testing

Every member receives the coupon code for a permanent $50 off your Saliva Hormone Test.

One of my specialties is analysing functional pathology test results such as saliva hormone or digestion analysis, and developing protocols for natural healing to correct any imbalances. This includes a 20-25 page report analysing the results and detailing strategies for regaining your health.

Coupon Codes:

Saliva Hormone Testing – EHMEMBER

When you order your test, you will have the opportunity to put in the coupon code at the check-out page, and the $50 will be deducted off the price.


Coming soon!…

Module 3 explores the serious topics of Fibromyalgia and thyroid conditions, health issues which are becoming more and more prominent in our society today.

We take you through a in-depth article on the subject and interview one of the foremost leading experts in the world on these chronic conditions.  The information contained in this module is a must, especially if yourself or someone you know is suffering from fatigue, weight gain, depression and aches and pains which may or may not have been diagnosed as Fibromyalgia.